Because I haven’t done laundry in a while, and was sweaty from biking, I changed into my NaNoWriMo shirt yesterday immediately before my East Bay for Democracy (DFA) meetup. Subsequent conversations make it likely that I might throw my hat into the ring again for NaNoWriMo 2004. [I didn’t.]

I like the format for this blog so much better than the one I use for my main blog. I should change the formatting of the main one. (Of course, I haven’t made time to update that blog in six weeks; what makes me think I’m going to reformat the whole thing?) I need an infinite number of hours and monkeys.

Despite what I said in my last NaNoWriMo entry, I think November is actually a good time to write a novel–especially if you don’t plan to travel anywhere over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I think I’ll start spurring my subconscious to come up with characters.

[Note: a form of this blog entry originally appeared in my November 2002 NaNoWriMo blog, “Notes on the Text,” which chronicled my poor, solitary attempt to write a novel. I’ve now moved all of those entries into the “Imagine a Novel Weblog” category of this blog.]