So I went to the California Democratic Convention in San Diego last weekend. It was a productive experience… I networked with some people, got to see most of the Democratic presidential candidates speak, and got a resolution that I wrote passed on the convention floor (and did almost no promotion for — meaning it passed solely on merit, which is kind of cool).

[This paragraph didn’t age well, but we all make mistakes. – JG, 5/29/21] I went to the convention already having committed to supporting John Edwards, and my conviction that he should be the next President of the United States has only strengthened. However, I know a lot of people went in with an open mind. One friend of mine, fellow delegate, and fellow DFA’er (Dean for America and Democracy for America) Dan Wood, decided during Edwards’ speech that he was now on board with Edwards ’08. So here he’s already gone and started Deaniacs for Edwards. What an achiever! I’m impressed and humbled by his insanely efficient effectiveness.