Oakland 4th-most perilous U.S. city?

According to CQ Press, a unit of Congressional Quarterly, Oakland is the 4th-most dangerous city in the United States.

Though interesting, the rankings are somewhat controversial. Oakland does live up to its reputation, I guess, especially in East Oakland and West Oakland, and recently Adams Point… but not so much where I tend to be, the downtown side of Lake Merritt. Then again, two of my friends have gotten mugged more than once in the downtown/19th Street BART area, so maybe I’m just lucky (or always on my guard enough).


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  1. imnotjesus

    oakland is more dangerous than camden! nice.

    philly? 21st, even with over 1 murder per day.

  2. Uh, yeah, maybe the rankings aren’t exactly accurate… maybe they’re designed to sell magazines. Shrug.

  3. How bizarre is it that I posted this mere weeks before I was shot (with a .22 caliber pellet) while riding my bike on a Wednesday night near Lake Merritt? Answer: very bizarre.

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