Today’s the day!

My third niece, Susan, was born today in North Carolina! I get to meet her in about six weeks.

Edit: Here she is!

Susan Louise Gohlke

Oh, and, yeah, there’s an election! Things have been incredibly busy at work lately — what with the election coming up, and the Scorecard scores being released, and the preparations needed for the December 3rd fundraising event…. and though I didn’t give a ton of my free time to helping elect Obama, I spent a lot of time at work doing so, and gave his campaign money on nine occasions in 2008. Plus I contributed to some local and national Congressional races.

Below are the possible emotions I will experience tonight:

Jason's possible states of being


The Things He Carried


“I voted twice”

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  1. wjwoolf3

    While my favorite of the emotions is the “face scratch” I’m rooting for the “victorious fists”!

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