Going to WordCamp

I’m going on Saturday… are you?

WordCamp SF 2009

(WordCamp, a day devoted to free open-source blogging software that runs really great sites, and sites like this one.)


*Who’s* following me?


Cheap WordCamp San Francisco 2009 live blog


  1. adam

    When you get to WP camp do me a favor. If you find any developer who worked on WPmu please kick them in the nuts as hard as you can, for me. And while you are kicking that person, or persons, in the nuts I would like it if you could yell “WHY HAVE A FUCKING HTML EDITOR IF YOU ARE JUST GOING TO CHANGE MY CODE ANYWAYS?????!!!!!!”

  2. Ha, funny. I’ll pass it on. Maybe not the way you’d like. Is WordPress MU really worth using?

    Good point on the HTML editor….

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