Despite being somewhat ill, I made it to WordCamp today via BART and MUNI.

Here are my photos from WordCamp SF 2009 on Flickr.

Random notes so far:

  • I just heard someone say one of my favorite refrains: “I’m not a programmer, but…”
  • There are twice as many people here this year as there were last year (and it is certainly evident)
  • WordPress has served up 22 billion page views in the last 12 months
  • Ed Morita has a WordPress tattoo
  • Tim Ferriss outsourced even his love life at one point
  • Matt Cutts thinks cat blogging is okay; the main things are to write often and about what you care about
  • This post is basically what Matt Cutts recommended: “11 reasons WordCamp ruled.”
  • yes, I am liveblogging on my iPhone
  • thematic and sandbox are good, widget-ready starting points for custom themes (look for widgets to show up on this site now that I know this) — these now supercede the one I based this blog’s theme and others
  • According to Tim Ferriss, Stumbleupon is a cheap source of relatively high quality traffic
  • A Bay Area county agency that shall remain nameless is still using Pentium 4s with 256 megs of RAM that barely run IE6 and have memory issues with Outlook 2000
  • Dave Gray of XPLANE (who also publishes the XBLOG, which I like a lot, though it is due a redesign) gave a really interesting and inspiring talk that I wish could have been 2X as long. I look forward to getting his slides and looking further into XPLANE’s work.
  • I walked out of Philip Greenspun’s talk because he made an insensitive joke out of Cory Lidle’s having died in a plane crash.

I found WordCamp SF 2009 pretty informative — what I stayed for at least. I left in part because I didn’t want to overdo it while recovering from what might be the flu (um, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t contagious, people who were sitting near me), not to mention the law of diminishing returns.

I’ll add more in a subsequent post.