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A List Apart: Web Design Survey

Web Survey Button

Okay, well, probably not a lot of web designers visit my blog. (Probably not a lot of people in general visit my blog.) But I’ll link to this to increase its traffic.

A List Apart, my favorite online magazine for people who make the web, is conducting a Web Design survey. They say that it:

… will help us form a picture of the ways web design is practiced around the globe. We hope that making this data available will have a positive effect on best practices and employment, and will enhance public understanding of, and respect for, our profession.

So — if any part of your job is web design, take the survey!

IE 7/Win still sucks.

I thought there was a problem with my layout in IE 7 for Windows. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it was entirely due to one stray right brace (“}”). Oops!

p.s. Don’t use Internet Explorer. Use Mozilla Firefox instead.

viral ideas and overused typefaces….

Seth Godin’s thoughts on the topic of viral ideas.

Helvetica: The Movie! This would be the shirt to wear to a showing. Via Typographica, a journal of typography. Another good type blog.

Balancing the day job with freelance work

This article brings up some interesting points. As I look towards the possibility of doing more freelance work with an eye towards becoming independent of a full-time job (or at least building up the portfolio so I can get a better full-time job in a more creative atmosphere that pays better), these are some issues I’ll have to tackle. Great footnotes and discussion as well.

In fact, from the footnotes: Barbara Kruger Graphic Standards Manual. Ha!

got bag?

'got bag?' door sign

I’m a dork. I save plastic grocery bags because there’s no reason to get a new one every time I go to the store—it’s wasteful. However, every time I go to the store, I forget to grab one from my drawer of many bags. When I come home, I add the new bag or three to the already full drawer. How can I stop this repetitive pattern of destructive behavior?

The solution is simple. I designed a visually stark but effective [and clever] sign to tape to the back of my door. Now, when I leave for the store, I’ll be reminded not only that I need to go back and get a plastic bag, but also that I’m a dork.

You, too, can share this experience [except without the mild sense of accomplishment of having come up with the idea yourself]. Simply download the PDF version of the plastic grocery bag sign or the larger low-tech GIF version of the “got bag?” sign.

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